The Positive And Negative Impacts Of A Person 's Image Essay

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Face is a term that explains a person’s image. Goffman tells us that we all live in a world that is full of social interactions (Goffman, 1967). Face is the positive and social value a person claims himself by the line others assume he has during a particular interaction. Through this people can worry about the future, know what feels good, bad, and so on (Goffman, 1967). Language ideologies are sets of ideas and values of why people speak and what it means (some examples, why is your accent funny? why do you speak like that?). Through this, face and language ideologies go hand and hand in how you will be seen in the world and even affect your own self-image. Every person has a face, with that comes a line. Goffman explains it to us as a person’s pattern of verbal and non-verbal acts by which they expresses themselves. They evaluate others, but especially themselves (Goffman, 1967). I understood this as a way to describe how a person expresses themselves in a situation. I found the concept of face to be very interesting, following is why. A person always as a face to maintain and a public image to keep in order. Need have different needs. One of these needs is pride, which a person’s own desires. Dignity, which is how a person handles themselves, and honor, which how you handle those around you (Goffman, 1967). In contrast to Sachs, being normal and following social norms is very important in everyday life. As Sachs explains, even walking a certain way is an…

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