The Positive And Negative Effects Of Video Games Influence People

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In today’s culture, it is popular to believe that video games influence people, in a negative way. In contrast to the belief, video games are beneficial for you. Video games improve skills, such as enhanced desire to learn and better develop skills, already acquired. Also, video games improve a player’s ability to become social. Additionally, video games have the potential to encourage players to learn more about the always advancing technology. In opposition to the accepted beliefs, video games are good for you.
First, video games make learning fun and have a greater impact to the player. For example, there are a wide variety of games to fit an extensive audience. In effect, this would have a better chance in people finding an interest they
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Games that contain multiplayer have the greatest effect on its players. Specifically, games like Minecraft improve people’s ability in reading and math. Minecraft is a sandbox independent video game, meaning a video game featuring an open world where the player is given a large amount of freedom within the world. Minecraft incorporates reading by the constant in-game messages that the player is presented. Additionally, Minecraft blends math into the gameplay due to how the player is expected to manage his or her resources, which tests the player’s ability to manage the limited material (The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games 1). Games, like Minecraft, show that while playing games, players improve their academic skills, while having fun. There are other games that integrate learning in a different …show more content…
Effects, such as teaching explicit language, vengeance, and revenge. On the contrary, it is better to simulate violence in virtual life, video games, than in real life, due to the real life consequences. The University of Buffalo had done a few tests and the tests say that, Gamers feel guilty in committing a crime and know the consequences of their actions, due to how games mimicked real life consequences in violent actions. This shows that, it is false in believing that video games make players violent, video games make people more peaceful. It is believed that, there are also other dangers in video games, such as bad influences from online

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