The Positive And Negative Effects Of Socialization In Society

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“2]. Define ‘culture,’ list its major elements, and discuss the importance of understanding the culture of any society. Does anyone group control the production of culture in USA society? Does this apply to both high culture and popular culture? Why, or why not? Describe positive and negative impacts of globalization on culture.” Sociologist define culture as a way of life, the people’s beliefs, norms and customs that is accepted by a particular society. Everyone culture differs from the other. However, people do develop cultural competency and effective communications. One can develop cultural competency by respecting and tolerating other cultural diversity. Effective communications involve both verbal and nonverbal communication and the …show more content…
Identify and discuss briefly the major agents of socialization in USA society. Why do sociologists study this process? Which of the major agents has the most impact on USA society? Which has the least? If you were to restructure or re-direct one of these major agents which one would it be and how would you do so?” Socialization is a part of human lifelong during which people learn about the society and interact with each other. Human nature behavior is actually learned through the socialization that where people were born and reared. In United States socialization consist of four major agents which are: the family, the school, the peer groups, and the mass media.
The family is mostly considered to be the most important agent of socialization. The family is the primary focus for offspring from generation to generation and socialization. Each family has his or her own belief, values and norms.
The school also plays a major role of the agent of socialization because now most of the population of children 4years to 14years go to school. The spend most of their time in school than at home. Also at school’s students meets many people and makes friends with
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The anatomy of a given racial group is used in comparison with that of their racial groups to investigate how people adapt to environment. For example, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, African, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander and White.
Minority groups is a sociological group that does not constitute a political dominate coting majority of racism. Most minorities group are being discriminated, not treated equally and being treated as second class citizen. For example, women and children. Women are considered as minorities because of sexism, tradition customs example the second shift. A woman should cherish a husband because he is the bread winner though both have eight hours’ jobs. Sexual discrimination at work, school, income and law, domination -subordination lines in

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