Essay on The Positive And Negative Effects Of Gaming

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Summary: In Andrew K. Przybylski’s article about electronic gaming, he discusses the positive and negative effects of gaming. He even discusses how the amount of time a child spends playing video games affects their developmental skills. This includes their social skills, behavioral skills and overall health. The purpose of this study was to prove that extended use of electronic gaming can negatively affect an adolescent 's health. Przybylski uses a study that surveys approximately five thousand children ages from ten to fifteen. The survey asks the children to select one answer from six different responses. These responses ask how many hours they spend playing console and computer-based games in a school day. The results of the study were then used to compare the effects of low, moderate and high levels of gaming to non-players. The results concluded that light players tend to be more social and happy with their lives than non-players. Heavy players tend to have higher levels of externalizing and internalizing problems than children who do not play at all. There were no positive or negative effects associated with moderate players. In conclusion children who play less will most likely have more benefits and children who play more often will most likely have more negative effects.

In Andrew K. Przybylski 's article he wants to know if electronic gaming affects children and how. In his article he focuses on one study that surveys children on how much time they spend playing…

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