The Positive And Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Effects of Divorce on Children
Madison Lavoie
Southern New Hampshire University
Professor McClure
2 December 2016

Abstract In a divorce, all individuals connected and involved to the relationship are impacted in some way, shape or form. Children of all ages are sadly more the victims than either parent, especially younger ones, through divorce but because of their innocence and immaturity, children are sometimes unable to process stressful events like adults are. Their reactions and behavior can vary depending on the individual child and how the divorce played out. They can react in a variety of ways. Relationships with parents, and siblings are all massively important in the life of a child and how they develop. This
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Turmoil and stress, most likely feelings that have been present for a while prior to divorce, impact the now divided family negatively and makes everything harder for everyone involved. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of divorce, especially if they are of young age because they are unable to understand and process what is happening so they resort to alternative ways of expressing their pain and confusion. The divorce of parents remains with children, to some degree, all of their lives and can have lasting effects on them mentally, emotionally and behaviorally. Few children of divorce are unable to provide some memory or expression of pain that was caused. Since divorce can impact children so heavily, the hope with any divorce the parents will try to give all of their energy to make sure that the kids are shielded from anything potentially emotionally harmful, sadly this is not always the …show more content…
It is estimated that families typically re-stabilize parenting practices and pre-transition levels of children’s behavior about 2 years following divorce and 5 years following remarriage (2010). After the divorce, children tend to respond in atypical ways. The behavior displayed in and throughout a divorce is unique to the family and the individual child; no case of divorce is ever the same and everyone involved will react, process and cope with it differently than how someone else

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