Essay on The Positive And Beneficial Outcomes

1014 Words Dec 12th, 2014 null Page
Everyday, people go through events in their lives that shape and mold them to the individuals that they are. In most cases, those events are negative and in others positive. Regarding the situation that you find yourself in, the process can be for the greater good. In my case, my outcome was positive and beneficial. The outcome was for the greater good because in the end I became a more positive person, I eventually became comfortable with who I am, and beneficial because I figured out that I can accomplish anything and everything I desire in life.

When my family and I first moved to Tennessee, I was going to the fourth grade and at that time I was extremely nervous of starting my life over in a new place. Mainly being in a new school with different people and my friends not being with me scared me the most. The fear of being the "new kid" kept me from being who I am and showing others my true personality. All in all, I completely shut down when it came to getting know big groups of people I do not know. Unfortunately, that state of mind stayed with me all the way to the beginning of my tenth grade year. Almost like it became a part of who I was over the years. At times, I had made friends or acquaintances by speaking to those who seemed at the time, just like me. More over, every school year, I felt more and more out of place but not exiled. Continuing that cycle, year after year, I became extremely pessimistic and uncaring of everyone and everything. All because I would…

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