The Portrayal Of Ophelia 's Flowers Essay example

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One more interesting aspect of Almereyda’s film is his portrayal of Ophelia’s flowers. In both the film and the play, Ophelia is declared mad while giving away flowers. While reading the original play, written by Shakespeare, we can pull out many interpretation of what could have happen in this scene. In some portrayals we have Ophelia giving out real flowers to the actors, while in other portrayals, the flowers are imagery only symbolized as Ophelia fantasizes, or in some interpretation Ophelia pretends to hand the flowers away with nothing in her hands. In the film Hamlet, directed by Almereyda, Ophelia is an admirable photographer. Instead of providing real flowers, or pretending to use imaginary flowers, she uses photographs as flowers. Ophelia’s madness is a sign of “self- subsistent” and “self-consuming intellect” says Maurice Hindle, in study of Shakespeare on film.
Rosemary were given to Laertes or Hamlet, Pansies to possibly Laertes, Fennels and columbines possibly to Gertrude, Rue and Daisies possibly to Claudius and herself, and Violets were given to no one for they “withered” away when her father dead . For the people of the Elizabethan age, these flowers had specific meanings. It was clear that Ophelia was actually insulting the king and queen in a secret way in eyes of an Elizabethan. In Francis Bacon “Of Gardens” he states a “man’s nature runs either to herbs or weeds.” He wrote this in 1626, which shows what the people of the time might have possibility…

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