Essay The Portrayal Of Jesus As The Son Of God

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The portrayal of Jesus as the Son of God, the Savior, and the Lord and what it means to believe in his identity makes this gospel relevant to the church. In the first verse of chapter one he writes, “When the world began, the word existed already. The word was with God. And the word was God himself. The word was present with God at the beginning of all things. God made everything by means of the Word. The Word caused all things to exist. He gave life to everything that God created His life gave light to everybody,” (Adams, John tells the Good News about Jesus). The context of the word “life” is not used solely in its literal meaning. Instead, it includes the period between birth and death in the physical state of the human body as well as the spiritual state of the body. Jesus grants us eternal life in the kingdom of heaven when we believe in in him as our Savior. Jesus lives in us by means of the Holy Spirit and when we die will live with him in heaven in eternity. However, before this happens we have to fully understand what it means to believe in Jesus. Adams writes in the website article John tells the Good News about Jesus, “We must believe that Jesus is God’s son, obey him, believe that he died on our behalf, and confess our sins to God.” When we believe all of this we will have eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. This foundation of belief in Jesus in terms of salvation is very important in the church. It is the basis by which most Christians model their daily…

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