Essay The Portrayal Of Black People

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We all know that Black people have been stereotyped since the 1600s. But, who or what created these stereotypes? Well known movies, such as ‘Juice (1992)’ and ‘Menace II Society (1993)’ have influenced young men into thinking that crime is the best way to make it in society. All they see is that to win the girl and to have all the cash is to commit horrendous crimes and spend a few years in prison. Not only are blacks portrayed negatively in the US, but also in the UK. Movies such as ‘Precious (US, 2009)’ and ‘Honey Trap (UK, 2014)’ both have similar values (broken home) and are also around the same time period. There is no doubt that other countries feed off media, but who is feeding off of who? Or is the representation of blacks the same no matter what country you are in? My claim is that the portrayal of Black people in film models damaging stereotypes which can have both internal and external negative consequences. Internal consequences being that society will only recognize blacks as what they are portrayed as by the media. External consequences being how society reacts to blacks in reality. If blacks are viewed negatively by the media, it is safe to say that society will view them as negative too. A quote from Barrie Gunter, a professor from the UK who studied violence in society, “Idle black man on the street corner is not the “true face” of poverty in America, but he is the dominant one in the world depicted by media” (Effects of Television Violence on Memory for…

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