The Portrait Of Dorian Gray Analysis

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2. Introduction The purpose of this graduation thesis is to give a survey on how the image of gentleman has developed since the beginning of Victorian Era until its sunset. Uncountable examples of male characters are often seen in English literature, but the aim of choosing this period is because the concept of masculinity has always been of great importance and it gives an idea of how a man should look and behave and what are the prerequisites to become a distinguished representative of Victorian society. If the poetry and drama had been capitalized in the previous ages, the nineteenth’s century is more concerned on the importance of the novel. The novel is “the best suited literary form to express the feelings, problems and conflicts of the epoch” and the main problem is how the world of man has transformed during this time. In order to understand this development, I will analyze characters that belong to the period preceding the Victorian epoch such as Jane Austen’s male gentlemen until Oscar Wilde’s most popular novel The portrait of Dorian Gray. The purpose of this research based on seventy …show more content…
Also, there was no such thing as fast travelling and the education was poor and most of the people did not know how to read and write (and here we have the example of Joseph Gregory from Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations). At the end of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1901, the country was utterly transformed. It was the age of progress and innovation. Most of the people moved to town and the British Empire covered one-fourth of the Globe. Subway trains, electric streetlights, telegraph messages and many other innovations were introduced. It was the age of transition from an agricultural society to an industrialized one, affecting the daily

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