The Portrait Of A Writer Essay

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Portrait of a Writer
As I have mentioned in previous essays, I much prefer reading to writing. However, once I get my flow going, I am able to write some well thought out essays. I think the main thing that I see when I look at myself as a writer is why I write. As far back as I can remember, I have never written anything for fun, never had a journal or anything like that. Basically, I only write when I have to. Even though I get good grades and can write a good essay, it is not my thing at all. It is almost painful for me to start writing a paper. I am almost always a procrastinator, but nothing comes close to how long I will put off writing a paper. I always tell myself, this time I’m going to start early, and this time I won’t wait until the last minute, but it never happens. Something that stuck out to me was when Justice Sotomayor said she wasn’t a “natural” writer and that is why she struggles to write sometimes. This is kind of like the myth that leaders are born, not made. I am a believer that leaders are a product of their upbringing, their life and their persona, not that they are simply born with the leadership gene. I believe this is the case with writers as well: you aren’t simply born and instantly able to write incredible stories. Like becoming a great leader, you become a great writer by experiencing things, by going through hard times and by using those memories to impact how you write. Writing is all about connecting with the reader, and creating an…

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