The Portland Recovery Community Center Essay

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I cannot imagine the amount of courage it takes for someone to walk into an AA meeting for the first time, admitting that they have a problem. Sitting outside of the Portland Recovery Community Center (on Feb. 15th at 17:32) was extremely intimidating and frightening experience as is, let alone if I was entering the meeting acknowledging that I was an alcoholic and that I needed help. I can see how individuals enter their first meeting with a loss of face due to the fear of humiliation and social embarrassment. I was kicking myself in the butt for not doing more research about the typical AA meeting (having no idea what to expect in the minutes to follow) as I anxiously walked through the door. I think I rambled off ten questions at the poor man at the front desk before he had a chance to answer the first and then quickly assisted myself to the gathering room to find a seat. I secretly hoped I would never have an encounter with that man again, however, he ended up finding a seat right next to me later in the evening.
I was running twenty-eight minutes ahead of the schedule and was the second person to arrive. As I sat there shaking, hoping nobody would notice me, the gentleman cross the room spoke graciously and welcomed me. One by one, as individuals entered the room, they greeted one another by name. It was in those moments when I realized that (most) everyone in that room was part of a small community—who were there to support one another and further their recovery…

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