The Population Of Older Adults Essay examples

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The population of older adults in the United States is expected to increase to approximately 79.7 million by the year 2040. Of these older adults, ages 65 and older, about 14.1 million is will be 85 or older. As this population is increasing, health care professionals, especially nurses need to be aware of their specific needs so they can provide quality care. I had the opportunity to interview a 75-year-old male resident at Golden living nursing home on a warm Saturday afternoon. I interviewed him at a nursing office to maintain privacy and confidentiality. In order to make him feel comfortable and share some personal information with me, I asked about his favorite vacation locations. He did not have any because he did not go on vacations in his younger years but he shared that, he grew up on a farm. Hence, he did not have the chance to travel to other places. Due to this, he dropped out of high school to join the army for three years. He shared that he went to Korea for one year when he was in the army. However, he resigned from the army because his acquaintance dropped out of the army. I asked what he did in his childhood years. He said because he grew up on a family operated diary farm, he was more engaged in farm work like milking cows, operating equipment, and peeling crops. I proceeded and asked about his social life. He said his social life is somewhat inconsistent since he’s in the nursing home. He does not get along well with his current roommate because his…

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