Essay on The Population Of Alaska 's Chinook Salmon

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Over the course of the last semester, I have devoted a large portion of my time to research regarding the recent decline in the population of Alaska’s Chinook salmon. Over the course of approximately the last twenty five years, these salmon whose runs once consisted of upwards of hundreds of thousands of fish have fallen to all time lows. Given the large cultural and economic significance of these fish, which are often referred to as Kings, this phenomenon has caused a large amount of concern, and as the population continues to dwindle, fear of potential extinction intensifies. As a result, many biologists have conducted extensive research into the possible causes of the crisis. Ultimately, no one has been able to conclusively pin down one singular cause of the population collapse. Despite this, several theories have emerged as more promising than others. Global climate change, introductions of invasive species, the neighboring Pollock fishery and commercial setnetters have all been blamed, but each of these seems not to be the answer. Over the next few pages, my goal is not to present a conclusive argument explaining why the Salmon are disappearing from Alaska’s rivers. Rather, I plan to present the findings of the current research, explaining the positives and negatives of each theory, and ultimately address the significance of the current situation to Alaska’s culture and economy.
Before I begin to present the theories, I believe it is worthwhile to provide some…

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