The Population Is Affected By Some Kind Of Learning Disability

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Ten percent of the population is affected by some sort of learning disability. Given that the average class size is twenty six students per classroom, anywhere between two to three students could be effected with a learning disability. Dyslexia hits home with me and the hardships that came with it are all too familiar. Mental anguish is not the only thing that comes from disabilities, but also exterior environmental factors like the people around you. These few persons are left behind because they are not able to perform to a certain standard and are treated as incapable individuals. Powell talks not about Indians but how they are viewed to give insight on how her race is being viewed with the hope of changing that mindset. Keefe and Copeland state that Literacy is not justified to a certain activity, but to a lot of external elements that play a role in Literacy. Iannacci and Graham Along with Keefe and Copeland set out to see who makes up the community labeled as disabled.
“Mixed- bloods are sometimes seen as tainted.” (Powell 12) Powell gives the reader an image of how Indians are sometimes seen as untouchables in the society. A form of pathos is being used to describe her feeling towards Indians. This allowed me to link this with the case concerning Alex Hernandez, a deaf student in Omaha Nebraska, his backpack was stolen at school and later found in the restroom stall leaving all his belonging ruined. Not only does he face a hearing impairment, but he also deals with…

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