The Popularity Of Rock And Roll Essays

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Since rock and roll did not begin till the mid 1950s the youth was still being held to strict tidy polices by parents and educators. Social cultural wise the teens were to dress in an specific manner where the males must be dressed in tight jeans, button up shirts and letterman cardigans. As for the girls they had to wear ballet flats with long poodle skirts. The youth of the 50s was also given the same social norms that their parents acquired when they were young. Many of the recreational activities included sports such as golf, badminton, baseball and of course dance. The most popular dance in the very early 50’s was swing. The young people were being captivated to hold on to life before the war begun. Parental figures figured that once the war would be over Americans would have to pick up where they had left off in life. As for music the majority of the artists that were heard in the early decade was Frank Sinatra. Sinatra was the typical singer that American parents and teen 's heard during the 40s and 50s. His music contained variations of swing and jazz. In the early 50s, it would all change with the birth of rock and roll and its teen idols. As for the older generations and religious figures they felt a demise towards the disruptive music known as to parents “satan music.” When the teen idol and heartthrob Elvis Presley was first introduced parents felt his dancing was very vulgar and extremely inappropriate. Many television shows broadcast refused to ask Elvis…

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