The Pop Art By Andy Warhol Essay examples

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Amy, Amy, Amy. Adobe Photoshop, Amy Winehouse portrait. To make this Pop art inspired artwork, I simply used a picture of Amy Winehouse and manipulated it on Adobe Photoshop to make it look similar to the Marilyn Monroe pop art by Andy Warhol. The source of my inspiration was the Pop Art movement, more specifically Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup repetitive pop art. The reason why this movement inspired me to do my artwork is because I like it. It is very pronounced and colorful. It draws immediate attention to the viewers because of all the usage of bright colors. Pop art is essentially taking an image or product that is popular and making it into a bright, colorful artwork to use it to advertise, promote or just for entertainment. Andy Warhol’s art movement is one of my favorite art movement because he made normal images so much more interesting and artistic. His art never included words. It was just the picture of the person or object in multiple colors but uniformly placed side by side. What I like about Warhol’s art is that, for example, Marilyn Monroe 's face was made to look cartoonish with many colors on and around her face that normal would not be there. Warhol’s art was textless, but yet it still sent message out to the public, whether it just advertised Campbell’s chicken noodle soup cans to the public or played with the idea of authenticity by making an artwork sole based on repetition of images like dollar bills in his artwork called Dollar…

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