The Pop And Hip Hop Music Industry Essay

792 Words Oct 14th, 2016 4 Pages
The Pop and Hip-Hop music industry has long been dominated by two powerhouse black females. With their extravagant musical performances, outstanding vocals and inspiring quotes from their lyrics and interviews, Beyoncé Knowles and Nicki Minaj share a similar idea that women can be powerful and sexy. These two performers are icons of beauty, elegance and fierceness. Through their work they constantly project their beliefs in women power in their respective industries. Nicki Minaj is one of the first women to ever be so successful in both the Hip-Hop and Pop industries. Her music ingeniously fuses rap lyrics and upbeat music to form smash hits and record breaking album sales. With her album Pink Friday selling almost two million copies worldwide Nicki Minaj’s popularity is evident. She then uses her universal influence to spread body positivity messages. She addresses that girls with fair skin and slim figures have always been viewed as the ideal female body. “Wait a minute, who’s going to tell the thick black girls that they’re sexy and fly, too?”, says Nicki. She believes that women of color with curves in every place are just as beautiful as the conventional female model one would see in magazines. Nicki Minaj is also a firm believer in women having power and influence in the music industry. She was often told that as a woman, she does not need to work as much as she has been. “It’s bigger than work to me. It’s having a purpose outside any man,” she responds. Nicki also…

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