The Poor Quality Of Students Essay

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Throughout history, people have viewed higher education negatively. Whether the poor quality of students or the poor quality of material, instructors agree that the American education is not working as well as it should be (Weissberg 220). Students are all supposed to meet the same meager criteria. This leads to mediocrity in the education world. Schools need to encourage students to rise above standards in order for them to excel. Also, people need to stop making the wrong connections about why schools are failing. In the words of Robert Weissberg, “Thousands of students squander their college years guzzling beer and fail to graduate says nothing about whether universities are supplying sufficient intellectual talent” (220). More people have college degrees than ever before, but more people with college degrees are working outside of their field of study than ever before as well. American education has given everyone education while not giving them jobs. Employment will not expand to meet the needs of people unless people are educated enough to expand it themselves. In other words, the dumbing down of material in schools is costing people the chance to work in their chosen career field (Weissberg).
In a survey conducted by the General Social Survey, only seventy-five percent of people knew that the Earth revolves around the Sun. The remaining twenty-five percent either didn’t know or thought the Sun revolves around the Earth (Pallas 213). This just goes to show the limited…

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