Essay about The Poor People Of The People Who Are Having Hard Times

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In many countries most of the people are having hard times because of doing less work and having diseases. The companies do not want to give an opportunity to work the people who are not intelligent and poor. In Korea 1915 poor people were not allowed to stay at the town. When the rich people, even the young order the poor people to do something that they did not want to do. Doing something that the people did not want to do can gave an opportunity to learn somethings. A lot of young girls who did not have much money could not attend to school. So we did not have an education to have standard. I was Jimin who was from unwealthy family and did not attend to school like others in my ages. I was only 14 years old that should attend to school to have an educational. Even I was not a schooler I was an intelligent for myself and my family. I was born in Korea in a very small village. I did not have a father who will support and took care of his family. Even we did not have a father we loved and supported each other in whatever we did. I lived with my mom and brother. My mom was Kim who was 40 years old also did not have a husband to rely on. Alex was my younger brother who was 10 years old whom I made him to attend school. Even though he was 10 years old he knew how hard his sister had a hard time to made him attend school and protecting for my family. Our father was died from having disease HIV. This disease could not help him to heal because during 19th century people who did…

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