Essay on The Poor Eating Habits Of College Students

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Many people are familiar with the poor eating habits of college students. What they do not realize is the lack of grains, fruits, and vegetables is taking a toll on college students’ physical and emotional state by causing depression, weight gain, and a steady decrease in test scores. Shouldn’t college campuses and dining halls attempt to avoid this? You’d think so. Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia is known for their academic achievement and success, but also for their unfavorable dining options. Research shows that if more dining options, nutrition courses, and healthy additions were made to this campus, Randolph-Macon students would benefit by seeing an increase in test scores, overall health, and mental stability. My personal experience proved this to be true during my freshman year at Randolph-Macon. I found myself in and out of the hospital for months and the food that entered my sick body at the time was crucial to my health and stability. Fruits, protein, and vegetables were a necessity after losing a steady amount of weight. Going through these changes in my appetite and physical appearance, I turned my back on my dining hall commonly known as “Estes.” Both of the dining halls on campus include a majority of fried, high calorie, and heavily saturated options. This is the exact opposite of the food not only an ill person should put in their body, but any individual. Especially college students. During these four years of college, students’ nutrition is…

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