The Pollution Of The Bay Essay

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Stormwater runoff brings many problems besides polluting the Bay. It causes a chain reaction of negative events such as killing the native life in the watershed, causing diseases in humans, polluting the air, and loss to the economy. It’s more than simply making the water look repulsive. Stormwater runoff hurts the Bay, and there are simple everyday actions citizens can do to benefit to the Bay. The government can only do so much to protect the Bay. Citizens can build ourselves, volunteer, and participate in Bay cleanup activities to help solve this problem. Polluted runoff is hazardous and just like an iceberg, the tip doesn’t seem too bad, but if you look under the water it is a bigger problem than expected.
Polluted runoff is water from rain or melting snow that runs across the paved land instead of seeping into the ground. It happens when water that flows off our streets, parking lots, and building rooftops and picks up all kinds of hazardous waste like pet waste, debris, manure, pesticides, oil, and automotive fluids. Poorly treated or untreated runoff affects the water quality and the aquatic life in the local streams in a negative way, then the rivers which they feed, and then ultimately the Chesapeake Bay (Polluted Runoff). When it rains and the rain lands in a metropolitan or rural area where watertight surfaces are common, the water flows into the storm drains with all the toxins it carries, and causes a grey funnel. Naturally the water would either evaporate or…

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