The Pollution And Water Pollution Essay example

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We have a major role when it comes to the sustainability of the environment we live in today. Now, that we all have more knowledge about the world and how it works we all should understand that each of our action have their own consequences. You would think by us knowing how much we are contributing to ruining the world we all love people would change their ways, but we don’t because we all are very selfish. The most direct way that we are impacting the ecosystem is by polluting it.

Everyone on this earth has contributed to polluting the ecosystem in one way. We do things everyday that easily have a better solution we can use in order to keep the world we live in a better place. Simple things like categorizing our trash or cars we buy. There is so many different forms of pollution but Air Pollution and Water Pollution affects us the most.

Without oxygen no organism will be able to live. So, that is why I believe air pollution is the most important pollution that we need to stop contributing to. There 's three ways that humans pollute the air resulting in polluting the entire ecosystem. We pollute the air with Emissions from industries and manufacturing, Burning Fossil Fuels, and Household and Farming Chemicals. I believe we can always do something to make a dramatic change when it comes to saving the world from pollution but I cant see how we will we do it the factories. I need the factories in order to continue living the way we living but maybe we can stop…

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