The Politics Of Theorizing African American Families Essay

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Family is a diverse and complicated concept in which many researchers have come up with different conclusions. Family definition is not complete without the incorporation of race and ethnicity. Race and ethnicity complete the full definition of family. This is done by the incorporation of everyone’s history. In order to fully understand family focus should be placed in society as a whole, instead of section.
Understanding the concept of the family is very difficult when it’s hard to define it. The family structure is a diverse concept in which everyone’s personal situations are different creating their own family structures. Every individual is different therefore have different family structures making the family difficult to have a universal meaning. It is important to incorporate race and ethnicity in the concept of the family. The reading The Politics of Theorizing African American Families by Shirley A. Hill that African Americans live a difficult lifestyle because they are oppressed by those who are top of them. “But the idea that the African cultures had been destroyed by slavery and racial oppression was a matter of some debate and was to meet its strongest rebuttal during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s”(Hill 2006;75 and 76). By understanding people’s racial history in society, it is easier to understand their family structures. People’s race ethnicity shapes their family structures and the way they live because it allows for every individual to part of the…

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