The Politics Of The United States Essay

1177 Words Sep 13th, 2016 5 Pages
We are at a point of history when 150 characters on Twitter is more influential to American citizens than Presidential debates and millennials are rampaging with indecision of who they are voting for. The idea has created a daze of confusion and mistrust in the American politics. This coupled with racial tensions (as high as they were in the sixties) and the climax of the most controversial presidential election in United States history approaching has many Americans making conscious decisions to not vote, vote for one of the candidates that ultimately they cannot trust, or vote aimlessly for a Libertarian or Green Party candidate. With social media being a huge medium through which Americans create their biases about the government and elected officials, it deepens the communal rifts in society, making politics a conversation no one wants to discuss, but everyone wants to have since the media many times publicizes the extreme outliers of the two party system. Politics in America have persuaded voters to make an uneducated decision about who they want in office whether as the President of the United States or local government officials. Minorities feel disrespected and underrepresented by politicians while the one percent of wealthy citizens have a great influence on how politics affects everyone. Because of all these pressures, the media’s biased blitz on the two party system makes voters unsuspecting of America’s oligarchical systems. Cornel West conceptualizes this idea…

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