The Politics Of The United States Essay

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All citizens of the United States have, at one point or another, been taught that America is a nation founded on the principles of a democratic society. Principles that, forged in the crucible of war, endow it citizens with an undeniable right to directly participate in the political process. America’s Forefathers would be profoundly disappointed, however, to learn that the unchecked influence of special interest has sullied the very fabric of United States politics. The Founding Fathers, in spite of their boundless knowledge, had not the foresight to see just how easily monetary influence would try the fortitude of their burgeoning political system. The effects of their unknowingness permeate throughout the United States government; yet still the American people are seemingly unware of – or perhaps altogether unmoved by – the astonishing amount of money being funneled into the political machine, let alone the identities of those making such remarkable donations. A series of wide-sweeping Congressional legislation which champions transparency in all matters of campaign finance is needed if the American electorate is to lift the veil on soft money contributions, exposing the hidden agendas of special interest groups, ultimately staying ahead of the PAC. In order to fully comprehend the extent to which campaign finance law has been distorted, one must first understand the fundamental types of campaign contributions: hard and soft money donations. Candidates seeking federal…

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