The Politics Of The News Station, Television Show, Magazine, Or Duck Dynasty

1174 Words Apr 1st, 2016 null Page
Regardless of the news station, television show, magazine, or person, anything that is expressed through human values will have bias. Principles such as politics, sports, and even certain parking spots can have bias opinions. Opinions, whether one likes them or not, are always worthwhile; however, once those opinions take away freedoms of others, they become irrelevant. Whether the opinion is coming from CNN, Sports Illustrated, or Duck Dynasty, that single opinion could sway someone from one side to another. Regardless the source of the opinion, it is every democratic citizen’s right to state his or her belief; however, there is a fine line between opinions and taking away freedom. Although many people agree that every democratic citizen has the right to state his or her opinion, there are those who try to take away that right. For example, there have been multiple riots that have occurred due to Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign. Trump has numerous ideologies and campaign promises that many democratic citizens believe to be racist, absurd, and/or sexist. Due to these morals that Trump holds, there have been multiple riots that have occurred at his campaign rallies. Trump’s recent rally in Chicago became so bad that Trump was unable to speak to his supporters and other undecided voters who wished to learn more about his campaign. The people who started the riot later said they had the right to freedom of speech and assembly, underlined in the Bill of Rights,…

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