Essay on The Politics Of The Middle Class

1384 Words Mar 8th, 2016 null Page
For a country that outwardly prides itself on the noblest of principles — equality and justice chiefly among them — it is shameful that the United States government and many of its people have given way to the two most dangerous of human impulses: money and power. The attitudes and ideologies of U.S. politicians have become largely inconsistent with the policy preferences of their constituents. This is because the upper class has gained a robust foothold over the political actors and have thereby silenced many of the voices of the middle class. If the United States is to prosper, it must invest in its middle class. Big money interests do nothing to strengthen the state of a democracy, a republic, a polity, or anything of the sort. My argument is this: if the United States government fails to adequately invest in and represent the interests of its middle-class population, the system of governance is likely to transition gradually away from a politic rule and towards that of an oligarchy. In order to address these issues in earnest, I felt it necessary to submit to you four recommendations which I hope you might pass on to the United States Congress as well as to the people they claim to represent. My first recommendation is to further restrict the amount of money one can donate to political campaigns and to additionally restrict the amount of money one person or business entity can contribute to a political action committee. The very realization that at least some of…

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