The Politics Of President Of United States Essay

756 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is recognized as the major event toward US citizen, 46th president of United States, this reason why that this millionaire won election is political ignorance. That is just an epitome throughout 318.9 millions people in America, they don’t really care what is happening to their lives, they have no idea what is going in political, they are being blurred by political parties and political structures; even students who are provided Government and Economic class at school, however, when you ask a basic question “How many political branches in our country?” apparently, it is just like a hit quack their faces, they don’t know because of negligent. Why? Is it too complicated or so convoluted. Primarily, according to CNN article “Political ignorance haunts 2016 campaign” by Ilya Somin, she has shown the main factor that contributed to Trump’s victory is political ignorance, “His campaign first took off when he claimed we are being inundated with Mexican immigrants, who increase the crime rate because many are "criminals" and "rapists.", the more he made the anger, curiosity from people, the more fame that he got. Moreover, every single social media at that time full of his memes likes 9GAG, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat,etc; his faces and quotes appear everywhere, because of that, he “is far from the only candidate to exploit ignorance this year, merely the most successful. Bernie Sanders, the "democratic socialist". Poorly his ideas revokes our thinkings,…

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