The Politics Of Gun Rights And Gun Control Essay

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According to the video “Crossfire : The politics of gun rights and gun control - the fifth estate” by Cbs News, it was 9:41 am on December 14, 2012 when Newton, Connecticut police received the 911 call from Sandy Hook Elementary School. However, by this time it was already too late for the children and staff inside Sandy Hook Elementary School. For a shooter armed with a Military style assault weapon, Adam Lanza a 20 year old with a disturbed mind had enter the school. This assault weapon he carried was a Bushmaster AR 15 a civilized market military style weapon capable of firing a bullet every second. Also found in Adam Lanza car were two Large Caliber guns, along with several large capacity ammunition magazines all in which legally belonged to his mother that he shot and killed only moments before entering the school. Twenty children and six teachers died, shot by Adam Lanza. Before he turned the gun to himself committing suicide.
The following days to come for America was full of questions and heartache as many waited for the president’s response. President Obama was teary eyed as he announced that America was in need for a change to stop and prevent these violent acts. Obama’s gun control plan started a debate over gun rights and control. The NRA which is the National Rifle Association which protects the second amendment of the right to bear arms. The NRA spokesman respond to the Newton, Connecticut by implying the problem with Newton, Connecticut was not guns but that…

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