Essay on The, Politics Deviance And Injustice Martinez

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Literature Review As I was reviewing the literature review that some scholars has already done, I found out that many scholars believe undocumented people bring unresolved personal issues to the United States and for this reason it is been more complicated to apply for a visa. The United States embassy wants to make sure visitors do not overstay in the country. Data shows that there are many over stayers and the punishment is not as harsh as to enter illegally to the country. In the book punishment, politics deviance and injustice Martinez explained how people are been affected psychologically and emotionally for continuously being discriminated and punished by racist laws and by police officers. This is how people feel socially death, because they are physically alive but socially dead, they cannot do many things and they live with the fear to be deported. “ Spouses and children left behind in the United States and stigmatization and impact on family members; parents and children’s are once again separated (Martinez 2012)”. This quote is important because nobody would like to be separated from his or her children’s and this topic is very serious. These are the consequences many more single mothers are been left behind, sometimes children’s are left with other family members, or in foster homes in other cases families became homeless because they depended on the husband who ICE deported.
The power to arrest, and detain undocumented people for a minor offense can be…

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