The Political Views Of Lao Tzu Essays

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I Like the Way He Thinks
(A discussion on the political views Frederick Douglass agrees with)

The world is filled with people, around 7 billion to be more precise, and all those people make up 196 countries. So the question of how to govern all these people is one with a valid point. There are numerous different types of governments all around the world. Some countries have leaders with complete and total power while others put laws in place that make it so there will always be a balance of power. It’s difficult to tell which type of government is the best, as some are better suited for certain countries. Lao-Tzu was a philosopher and poet of ancient China. His name was commonly translated to “Old Man” and is known as the father of Taoism. He had his own political views on how governments should be run. One of his philosophies is to live simply. There is commonly too much involvement with what is happening in the world for people to truly understand themselves. He recommends withdrawal from society and retreat into contemplation. Lao-tzu shows that his ideal society is one in which people live in simplicity and harmony, where they are not bothered by ambition or competitive striving. He would have people living to gain happiness within themselves, not power from controlling other people. In contrast to Lao-tzu’s views, Machiavelli states his views through his work of Prince. Machiavelli and Lao-tzu are on totally different ends of the spectrum when it…

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