The Political System Of The United States Essay examples

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“The Democrats are under-represented by about 18 seats in the House, relative to their vote share in the 2012 election”, states the Washington Post. How is this possible the one political party can be so underrepresented when we are told that every voice is equally represented in the House of Representatives? In comes the term gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is as old as Democracy is here in the United States. It dates back to our founding fathers. What is gerrymandering and how does it affect the political system in the United States? The term gerrymander was conceived in 1812, when Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts started redistricting congressional districts based on changes of population. The governor made the boundaries so that they would benefit his political party. Once the redistricting of the new districts was passed, writers at the Boston Gazette thought one of the districts looked similar to that of a salamander. They then combined the last name of the Governor with the word salamander, naming his new district “gerrymander”. The Gazette then published the governor’s district that looked similar to the salamander and added wings and a face. Although the term gerrymander was conceived in 1812, gerrymandering began in 1788. According to Project Muse, “it was actually Patrick Henry who first practiced this art, by designing an unnatural district that would ensure his rival James Madison 's defeat in Virginia 's first congressional elections in early 1789.”…

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