The Political System And Restrictive Electoral Systems Essay

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What Carmichael and Hamilton mean when they say African Americans are colonial subjects of white society is that African Americans do not own anything that they have essentially produced through their own labor. They sell their labor to produce a raw material, then buy that raw material regurgitated into a product. Essentially they are working for free and are subject to the institutional racism that is evidently present. Two dimensions of this colonial status are the political and economic areas. Like colonial subjects, African Americans "have their political decisions made for them by the colonial masters", including decisions that affect the African American community itself (Black Power, 7). This in itself makes it easier for the whites to put on a united front and "protect interests they perceive to be their own" which further expands the mentality of superiority and overall asymmetry in the political realm as well as everyday life. The manipulation of the political system and restrictive electoral systems also plays a large part in the political colonization of the African American community. This is exemplified by the gerrymandering of "black communities so that the true voting strength is not reflective in the political representation", meaning African American votes do not count as much as white votes even though they are affected. The economic dimension of the colonial status of African Americans can be exemplified by the way even though African Americans rarely…

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