Essay on The Political Scientist Stephen Brooks Notes

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In an age where various forms of media play an undeniably crucial role in the dissemination of information to citizens, it was the philosophical prophecies of Marshall McLuhan that prove to still be pertinent in today’s use of media. The present usage of such terms as “media”, “global village” as well as “Age of Information” were all coined by Marshall McLuhan in his 1965 work Understanding Media (Lapham, x). In the information age we currently live in, McLuhan’s contributions to media and communication theory are of great importance to understanding various facets of society and how we have evolved in such societies. Political scientist Stephen Brooks notes, “We rely on the images and information offered to us on television, in newspapers, over the radio, and via many other media in our information-saturated society” (Brooks, 329). This is to say that the media has an extremely crucial role in a democracy, where a free and open media is important to its health. In McLuhan’s magnum opus, Understanding the Media: The Extensions of Man, McLuhan opined, “As the speed of information increases, the tendency is for politics to move away from representation and delegation of constituents toward immediate involvement of the entire community in the central acts of decision” (McLuhan, 204). I argue, with Marshall McLuhan’s notions of the global village, and the said involvement of the entire community in the realm of politics, the role of the Internet as an electronic media will play…

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