The Political Product Of The Constitution Essay example

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Oz Hewett
The Political Product

The Constitution is document laying out the frame of America’s government, written by the creators of this country on a piece of parchment. This document has done a good job of making sure the rights of the people are protected, and that the United States maintains order. After the writing of the Constitution, there were ten amendments made to it, commonly know as the Bill of Rights. It outlines the rights of the people and the rights assured to them by their government. The First Amendment, alone with freedom of religion, press, and assembly, talks about the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech prohibits congress from restricting people’s rights to talk freely. There are situations, however, that need a more modern view, and that document written over two hundred years ago cannot be the best judge of. In the Supreme Court case of Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission, free speech, a main part of the first amendment, is called into question. There is conflict between the interests of corporations and the natural rights laid out in the Bill of Rights. I believe that although the Supreme Court did judge successfully determine the correct verdict as it pertains to the First Amendment, the right decision was not made in terms of how this country should be governed.
Citizens United, a non-profit organization, made a film titled Hillary: The Movie, in which they pointed out why Then-Senator Hillary Clinton would not make a good…

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