Essay on The Political Parties Of The Democratic Party

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When the founding fathers convened in 1787, they had no intention of including political parties in the United States system of government. Today, it is nearly impossible to consider an election without the two party system. When George Washington left office in 1797, he warned the people against breaking up into factions. In the current state of affairs with the 2016 election , America currently faces a predicament where the presidential candidates do not necessarily agree with the people’s principles. Many voters are picking their candidate simply because they could never vote for the other, as both of the candidates are out of touch with the people and involved in scandals. Based on the history of the two-party political system and the current election, it is likely that there will be fundamental changes in the parties in the near future.

In order to truly understand the United States’ current political parties, one must consider the history of both the Democrats and Republicans. The Democratic party is one of the oldest political parties in existence. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson created the Democratic party to counteract the strong central government control Alexander Hamilton and the other Federalists desired. The Democratic-Republicans, as they were called, desired to have a decentralized government with a strong emphasis on states ' rights, personal freedom, and southern agriculture. The democratic party based their party around the idea that…

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