The Political Participation Of Backward Castes Essay

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It is evident from the above review that most of these studies are broadly focusing on the overall political process in the country rather than social mobilization of the backward castes.
OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The present study aims to analyze the Political Participation of Backward Castes in Andhra Pradesh with special Reference to Ananthapuramu district and accordingly the following are the objectives

1. To analyze the concept of Backward Caste, the approaches for understanding the political participation and the representation patterns.
2. To study the various provisions of the Constitution, as well as Andhra Pradesh Acts with regard to Backward castes Representation.
3. To analyse the representation and functioning of Backward castes in the politics
4. To discuss how the caste is playing its role in state politics and its impact on the political representation.
5. To analyze which sub-caste has political awareness and is actively participating in politics.
6. To discuss what are the changes that have taken place in the Backward castes in politics for six decades.
7. To draw summaries and conclusion on the Back ward caste political representation

SCOPE OF THE STUDY An attempt is made in this thesis to study the concept of political participation of Backward Castes in Andhra Pradesh with special reference to Anantapuramu district.

The reasons for the members of one or two dominant Castes acting as leaders at all levels, the failure and…

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