Essay The Political Cyber Warfare : Stuxnet

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The Political Cyber Warfare: Stuxnet
It is no exaggeration to say that the development of the Internet leads the world in the twenty-first century. The Internet globalizes the world quickly by forming a network among countries. However, the advancement of cyberspace makes international information flow abnormally fast. As a result, governments cannot monitor and control what information is exchanged in their countries. The aspect of the difficulty regulating the network generates cyber-crimes such as data destruction. These crimes are also used for political cyber-warfare at present. One of the well-known cases of cyber-warfare is the Stuxnet worm. This cyber-attack arose in Iran from 2007 to 2012. The United States and Israel implemented Stuxnet into computer system in Iran in order to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapon.
Cyber-warfare like Stuxnet is an attack that has a prearranged political purpose. It uses information and data as resources of an attack (Janczewski 6). Terrorists implement attacks in cyberspace, and they usually combat against governments and use every possible method to achieve their goals (Janczewski 2). Then, can cyber-warfare be considered as a traditional war in political view even if it does not generate casualties? Craig Greathouse says it is narrow-minded to define cyber-warfare with only the number of casualties. He indicates how cyber-warfare has changed its essence and attributes to understand it politically (30). The controversial issue…

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