Essay on The Political And Social History Of Mexican Americans

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Mexican Americans have a substantial history. There are some components of economical, political and social history of Mexican Americans. First, there are many economical events and factors that have been apart of Mexican American’s history. For instance, The Great Depression had a tremendous effect on Mexican Americans. In the time of the Great Depression, many businesses, farms, and factories went out of business. Because of this, many people lost their jobs, including many Mexican Americans. As the economy worsened, many Caucasian Americans blamed Mexican Americans for taking “their” jobs. This undoubtedly caused racial tension between Caucasian and Mexican Americans and eventually the U.S and communities passed laws requiring Mexican Americans to be deported back to Mexico. This mass deportation of Mexican Americans back to Mexico was named repatriation. Repatriation occurred from 1929 to 1939 and more than 400,000 Mexican Americans were forced to return to Mexico. (Schroeder, 2007)
The current economic demographics for Mexican Americans are dismal. As of today, an estimated ten million Mexican Americans live in the U.S. Of that ten million, roughly about half of Mexican Americans live in poverty and about one sixth live in extreme poverty. The average salary of a Mexican American is around six thousand three hundred dollars a year. And those Mexican Americans living in extreme poverty earn less than one thousand seven hundred dollars a year. (Schroeder,…

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