The Political And Economic System Essay

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The Malagan political system is somewhat complicated to describe since it is so unique in structure and organization. On the other hand, the family organization of the Malagan’s is as simple as family organization can be. For convenience, Malagana is referred to as a village. The political and economic system within the village is respected and formal, but it is regulated by the Madagascan government and thought of as a joke. The family organization is centered on elder women, as is everything else about the Malagan society.
First, to discuss the political and economic organization of the Malagan society. Malagana is not a chiefdom, but it is not a tribe either. It is somewhere in the transition stage along the continuum. The population is not large enough to be a chiefdom but it has regional permanence. Another similarity between Malagana and chiefdoms is that Malagana is regulated by a state, which is Madagascar. The Madagascan government tolerates the organization of Malagana because the entire country is greatly dependent on the profit from the exports. If the Madagascan government were to intervene with the way Malagan’s structure their society, the profit would disappear as a form of resistance and have a devastating impact on the whole countries’ economic state. The authority within Malagana belongs to the council, which is similar to an office, a “permanent political position.” (Kottak 389) The society is purely egalitarian, meaning the only status distinctions…

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