The Policy Of An Unemployed Adult Should Receive A Monthly Stipend

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The Policy Explained
The policy being proposed is that an unemployed adult should receive a monthly stipend (“the dole”) from the government that is equal to 60% of the state or federal poverty level (whichever is higher). Indefinitely. To understand the finer points of the policy, certain parts have to be clearly defined. First, would be unemployment, how does the government define being unemployed? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015), says that “people who are jobless, looking for a job, and available for work are unemployed.” The phrase “looking for a job” can also cause some confusion. A person would have to be actively trying to contact resources that could connect them with job opportunities and be submitting applications or resumes to employers for review, wrote the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015). Next, a stipend or the dole can be described as the monthly monetary sum that is provided to unemployed people. Lastly, the federal poverty level is $11,880 for a single person as of 2016 according to the Health (2016). This policy would give a person who falls under the category of unemployed (as defined above), a monthly monetary sum of 60% of the state or federal poverty level whichever ends up being higher. Which would be in effect indefinitely. With the federal poverty level being $11,880, 60% of that amount would be around $7,128 a year which would be $594 a month. So, the policy means that a person who is unemployed would receive 60% of the poverty level…

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