The Policy Adopted Different Impacts Will Be Felt Within The Justice System

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Depending on the policy adopted different impacts will be felt within the justice system. A significant amount of polices including mandatory minimums laws clog up the court system, allow the use of discretion by prosecutors, may cause law enforcement to use unethical methods, and contribute to overcrowding in jails and prisons. Ineffective, unsupported policies that have developed due to a perceived need or due to governmental incentive have caused the criminal justice system to become extremely overcrowded. Countless offenders are being arrested and charged with various offenses due to the immeasurable amount of policies that propose sanctioned punishments as deterrents and as a means to reduce recidivism.
Prosecutors have become powerful agents in the war on crime and have turned into “one of the most important officials in local government with tremendous potential to affect the lives of citizens” (Simon, 2007, 36). As result of the justice system being overloaded with cases prosecutors rely on plea-bargaining to dispose of cases quickly (Bohm, 2006). Prosecutors have been allowed to use discretion when determining what crime to charge an offender with and therefore can chose to charge them with mandatory-eligible crimes or to charge them with a crime that it not eligible for mandatory minimum sentencing. Ninety-five percent of all felony convictions are a result of plea-bargaining (Durose & Lagan, 2003). This means that a majority of prosecutors use plea deals to…

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