The Policies For The Welfare Program Essay

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Someone living in poverty simply means that someone is poor, and it plays a bigger part of our society than we pay attention to it. What is the fine line of being poor and not poor? We have been discussing this for decades. Often times we choose not to discuss this topic because it is sensitive to some individuals, and now days people are easily offended. People need to swallow their huge ego and admitted the situation they are in, and to accept help that they deserve. However, that is not always the case, there are people not able to receive any help even if they work hard, or not enough help. On the contrary, there are people cheating the system to receive more than they need. How can there be such imbalance in this great nation? Looking at the micro issues; the first are the policies for the welfare program, second will be the immigration policies, and last will the privileged. The American people understand the issues of poverty, but none pay a lot of attention to it. We get our information from the media and rarely do a deeper research. For decades we are just not seeing the real issues. In this recommend paper, I will be addressing some of the issues with welfare, immigration, and big corporation policies.
The first anti-poverty program was designed to help corporations back in the 1929, according to The American Economy: A Historical Encyclopedia “American anti-poverty policies developed later than those of other Western nations and have proven less generous in…

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