The Police System Established By Sir Robert Peel Essay

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The word polittia in Latin mean police, which means civil administration. Politia also goes back to the Greek word polis which means city, therefore it can be concluded that police officers can be viewed as those involved in the city 's administration. The word politia became the French word police. The English took over the word and use it to mean as civil administration. The police are used to represent the civil power of government of government, contrary to the military power of government (Dempsey & Forst, 2011, pg. 3).
The idea police was first established by Sir Robert Peel in London in 1829. The idea behind the police system established by Sir Robert Peel was to safeguard the public against criminals, disturbance, and fire. The idea required all men to serve on the night watch. The watchmen had three major duties (Dempsey & Forst, 2011, pg. 5).
• Patrolling the streets from dusk until dawn to make sure all locals were indoors and the town was quiet. Making sure that strangers were not roaming the streets.
• Performing duties like lightning street lamps, cleaning garbage from the streets, putting fires out.
• Enforcing criminal law.
The dictionary definition of brutality is "savage physical violence; great cruelty. Brutality and police should not be in the same sentence because they contradict each other.
The job of police officer is to provide protection to the general public. Police officers are employed by state or local police department to conduct several…

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