Essay about The Police Raid And Riots At Stonewall Inn

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Before Stonewall provides an historical overview of the development of the experiences of the LGBTQ community in the U.S. in the twentieth century, leading up to the police raid and riots at the Stonewall Inn in New York City in 1969. In the 1920s, gay people were very much present during the time of the prohibition in artist and dance communities, particularly in urban areas such as San Francisco’s Barbary Coast, New
Orleans’ French Quarter, and New York’s Harlem and Greenwich Village. They cruised at speak-easys and were frequently sexworkers. During this period, if one was found out, one was not accepted. It was common to be imprisoned or committed to a psychiatric institution if found out.
More broadly, gay and lesbian literature was produced to a significant degree from 1875 to the 1940s. Around this period, there was particularly a wave of lesbian themed books and plays, and New York banned overt references to homosexuality on the stage and some were tolerated if lesbian was not mentioned explicitly. But by 1935, all references to homosexuality was banned in film. In the 1930s, Magnus Hirschfield, a
German sexologist who toured the U.S., advanced developments of transsexual medicine as well as social recognition of trans people, though this language wasn’t used during that time, but was squashed after the rise of the NAZI party in Germany. During World War
II, gay men and lesbians played a large role with serving in the military.To some extent, they were open as gay or…

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