The Police Officer Should Be Punished From This Situation? Essay

1313 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Joel: Since 2014 there has been a constant problem faced by many African-Americans that has been getting an increase amount of attention as of late: police brutality and prejudices. The majority of films that incriminate police officers involve American-Africans and this leads to a very large problem of mistrust between police officers and the community they need to serve and protect. The most recent event, in Tulsa, worsen as everyone from adults, politicians, police disuse the situation that lead to the killing of the African-American and how the situation could have been prevented. How could the police fix their negative public opinion after this satiation and how the police officer should be punished from this situation? Should the entire United States’ police force go under retraining to prevent any events like this one, in Tulsa, from happing in the future? Were the police involved events similar to the in Tulsa justified for them to use the amount of deadly force in these situations?
Black Lives Matter had responded to these events by holding protest all over the country and Colin Kaepernick football play that refused to stand during the national anthem because he does not like how African-Americans are getting treated by the police. These protests have shown that police brutality towards African-Americans is a very large issue in America.
However Black Lives Matter and their supporters might believe that police due commit brutality and it is racially driven,…

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