The Police Force Of The Us And The United States Criminal Justice System

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Are the Police Force in the US and the UK Institutionally Racist and To What Extent Does Institutional Racism Still Prevail in the UK and the US Criminal Justice System?

I predominantly chose this title because I have the intentions to possibly study a course on Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice or International Business at University. I feel that this particular title would give me an insight into the potential injustices in society, specifically in organizations such as the Metropolitan Police Service. To further this, I myself am an ethnic minority and even though I haven’t experienced racism first hand, I feel as though it deeply affects the lives of Black and Minority Ethnics (BME) and their community; it breaks the trust between the police and the community. I also chose this topic because I am very much so interested in the concept of institutional racism and how it can alter the public’s view on the police force and how it can change the outcome of any case, whether it is murder or assault. I believe that racism is wrong, whether it is racial discrimination, economic discrimination or institutionalised racism and for it to have existed in the 21st century is unethical because I feel that discriminating against people based on their colour of their skin, religion or gender is wrong. I believe that when we moved into the 21st century, racism should have been left in the past.
The recent killing of Michael Brown in the US particularly stood out to me as the trial…

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