The Police Force And The United States Essay

1685 Words Nov 6th, 2016 7 Pages
Right now, we’re afraid of what’s further away from us. We fear ISIS and terrorists, immigrants from Mexico or Syria, nuclear attacks, and communism. Maybe we fear something a little closer, though equally valid, such as economic collapse or volatile elected officials. Yet all together closer is our police force and the growing justification for distrust between citizens and criminal task force. Compared to other nations, they have killed far more citizens. In England and Wales, there have been 55 fatal shootings in the last 24 years. Within the first 24 days of 2015, 59 people have been shot and killed (Larey, 2015).
“A house divided against itself cannot stand”, and the same goes for our cities (Basler, 2015). The entire purpose of our police force is to protect and serve citizens. From its origins in Boston to respond to “disorder” to having to cull protests in the 60’s and 70’s, violence has gradually worked its way into the order (Potter, 2013). To further grasp this issue, we must understand where specifically this is an issue and how it affects society. Only from there can we learn how to combat it. Police violence happens not only because of race, but it threatens everyone within our nation and the strength of our integrity.
This issue truly made itself known when police attacked those who were unarmed. One such instance is the case of Breaion King. When she was found speeding fifteen miles over the limit, she was ordered to step out of her car and back inside…

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