The Police Body Cameras Serve For Two Main Purposes Essay

1198 Words Mar 28th, 2016 null Page
Recently in the American culture there has been an ongoing problem in the last few years with police brutality and the killing of citizens seen by video, through social media, or by protest. From Ferguson, to James Blake the tennis star, even going back to Trayvon Martin, or the young girl of color that was thrown from her chair by the police officer, police brutality is an ongoing issue here in the United States and police body cameras is a possible solution. What is a police body camera? From the Macmillan Dictionary it states that a police body camera is a video recording system worn on the body especially by law enforcement officers. With this camera law enforcement 's can wear it and interact with the public when the police are on duty. The police body cameras serve for two main purposes. The purposes are to show the abuse of power by police officers and the other purpose is for police officer to bring stop criminals breaking the law in the streets of America. Before in America there was no such thing as a police body camera due to the lack of technology, but now there can be a word of mouth testimony and a video to back up everything that happens with arrest. Police body cameras have many pros, cons, privacy, and money issues.
An major issue with body cameras is the privacy of people in the public and where the camera is taken. The camera could be taken into a bathroom, locker room, and record private meetings of people. The cameras going into these places can either…

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